New AirPods ad is a glorious nod to famous ’00s campaign

A gif of the Harry Styles ad
(Image credit: Apple)

We're all pretty well acquainted with Apple's famous AirPods by now, right? And what better way to celebrate those powerful buds than with an ad featuring none other than Harry Styles and a wonderfully nostalgic nod to Apple Music's roots.

The newest ad from Apple is promoting AirPods with Spatial Audio using one of Styles' latest tracks (see below). Many eagle-eyed Apple fans have noticed that the ad looks pretty similar to the iconic '00s iPod advert. If you're feeling inspired by all this Apple talk, make sure you check out our roundup of all the best Apple deals

The ad was created by TBWA\Media Arts, which also came up with the original iPod ads from the '00s. Accompanied by the excitable Music for a Sushi Restaurant track, viewers watch as Styles and others dance around in full technicolour. With a bright contrasting colour palette and the silhouettes dancing with stand-out white AirPod, it's incredibly reminiscent of the iPod ad from the '00s (see below).

I love how this ad because not only does it look and sound amazing (of course I'm a Harry fan, who isn't), I appreciate the nod back to the Apple iPod. Before the likes of Spotify and other music streaming platforms, the iPod Nano/Shuffle/Classic/Touch was the primary source of tunes, and I love that Apple is self-aware enough to hit us right in the nostalgia with this playful ad. I'd like to see other musicians take on this format, in the same way the original ads covered many different genres – a Stormzy or Phoebe Bridgers version of this ad would be awesome. 

It seems that I'm not the only one who is loving it, as many users have flocked to Twitter to compliment the ad. One user tweeted, "The AirPod commercial will genuinely never get old," and another said, "Perfect! Absolutely perfect. Love how this is a perfect visualisation of the song". 

I don't know about you, but now I want to spend the rest of the day dancing around to Harry Styles with my AirPods in. If you also fancy a solo dance party but don't have any AirPods yet, then why not treat yourself to a pair? Just head over to our roundup of the best AirPod 3 prices.

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