Apple Prime Day deals: discounts on iPad, MacBook, AirPods and more

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The best of Apple Prime Day deals are officially here as the all-new Amazon Prime Early Access event kicks off! Not a member of Amazon Prime? Don't worry: there are still plenty of Apple deals outside of the Prime event that all users can take advantage of. We're still early on in the Apple Amazon Prime Day sale, but we're already seeing some great discounts that even include the brand-new Apple Watch Series 8 in the US! 

The Prime Early Access sale runs from 11-12 October. This hub will track all the best Apple Amazon Prime Day deals for the duration of the 48 hour event including iPads, Apple Watches, MacBooks and more. We'll be regularly updating this hub with the best Apple tech from the event to get you the best prices possible and we'll include direct links to the sales so you can be sure to get to them quickly before they sell out. Apple products are incredibly popular and discounts are widely sought after, so if there's a stellar deal we don't expect it to last long!

Our hub will include both exclusive Prime member deals and general sale. If you're not a member, now's the perfect time to sign up for a free 30-day Amazon Prime trial to get the best deals during this event. For now, keep scrolling to find the best Apple Amazon Prime Day deals right now! 

Apple Prime Early Access sale deals quick links

Apple Prime Day deals: US

Apple Amazon Prime Day deals: UK

Apple Amazon sale deals in full

Apple Amazon sale: iPad deals

The only official iPad Prime Day deal in July was on iPad Air 4 in the UK. We'll soon know if we'll be luckier this time around. For now, the great news is that there are some good Amazon iPad deals that are open to everyone.

Prime Apple iPad deals: US

iPad Air (2022): $749

iPad Air (2022): $749 $679 at Amazon
Save up to $70:
This deal was running during Prime Day way back in July, and it's still available now. This saves you $70 on the latest iPad Air, which was only released in March and feels more like an iPad Pro than ever – it even has the same chip.

iPad Pro 11 (M1, 2021) 512GB: $1,099

iPad Pro 11 (M1, 2021) 512GB: $1,099 $849 at Amazon
Save $250:
There are great savings to be had on the iPad Pro 11 with up to 23% off. This comes with most of the benefits of the larger 12.9in device but with a smaller price. The 128GB entry-level configuration was out of stock when we last checked, but the others were still available.

iPad Pro (12-inch, 2021): $1,199

iPad Pro (12-inch, 2021): $1,199 $999 at Amazon
Save $200:
Unfortunately, the bigger savings on the highest-end configurations of the iPad Pro had gone when we last checked, but there's still this tasty saving if you want the 128GB entry configuration.

iPad mini (2021): From

iPad mini (2021): From $499 $399 at Amazon
Save $100:
The iPad Pro is powerful, but it's also a little large and unwieldy for use on the move, especially while commuting. For creative work on the go, we highly rate the compact little iPad mini, so this is a great deal for anyone who wants a super portable tablet for drawing, note-taking and more.

Prime Apple iPad deals: UK

iPad Pro 11 (M1, 2021, 1TB): From £1,399

iPad Pro 11 (M1, 2021, 1TB): From £1,399 £1,340 at Amazon
Save £58.90:
 In the UK, Amazon has this £58.90 saving on the 2021 iPad Pro 11 with an impressive 1TB of storage space.

iPad mini (2021): From £479

iPad mini (2021): From £479 £459 at Amazon
Save up to £40:
 The iPad mini doesn't have the power of the iPad Pro, but it is a step up from the entry-level iPad, and its compact form makes it perfect for drawing and other creative work on the go. Amazon has discounts on both the 64GB and 256GB configurations.

Apple Amazon sale: MacBook deals

Whether you're looking for the light and portable MacBook Air or the super-powerful MacBook Pro, MacBook Prime Day deals could get you a welcome saving when they come around again. Here are a few good Amazon MacBook deals running right now, and these are available to everyone.

Prime Apple MacBook deals: US

MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Pro, 2021): $2,499

MacBook Pro 16 (M1 Pro, 2021): $2,499 $2,199 at Amazon
Save $300: You get 16GB RAM, 556GB SSD with the 2021 MacBook Pro 16-inch, and save $300. It's bigger than any Apple Prime Day MacBook deal we've seen, so worth thinking about getting now.

MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro, 2021): $2,499

MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro, 2021): $2,499 $2,199 at Amazon
Save $300: Get $300 off the 16GB RAM, 1TB SSD 2021 MacBook Pro 14-inch, which boasts super performance and practical portability. It's a bit cheaper than its larger 16in sibling above.

MacBook Air (M2, 2022): $1,199

MacBook Air (M2, 2022): $1,199 $1,049 at Amazon
Save $150: If you don't quite need so much power, Amazon also has a nice saving on the newer and more affordable M2-powered MacBook Air, which was only released in July. We found performance to be on a par with this year's MacBook Pro.

Prime Apple MacBook deals: UK

MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro, 2021): from

MacBook Pro 14 (M1 Pro, 2021): from £1,899 £1,729 at Amazon
Save up to £270: Get massive power in a sleek portable package with a 16GB RAM MacBook Pro with either a 512GB or 1TB SSD. There's 9% off the former and 11% off the latter.

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022, M2):  from

Apple MacBook Pro 13 (2022, M2): from £1,349 £1,225 at Amazon
Save up to £150: 
The newest MacBook Pro with Apple's new M2 chip already has a £124 discount in this great deal on the 256GB SSD configuration. And there's £150 off the 512GB version.

Apple iMac (27-inch, 2020): £1,999

Apple iMac (27-inch, 2020): £1,999 £1,624 at Amazon
Save £375:
This 19% off Prime members-only Apple Amazon sale deal is the biggest discount we've seen in the UK on the 2020 27-inch iMac with its retina 5K display. The price above is for the Intel Core i5 configuration, but there's a similar saving on the i7 version too.

Apple Amazon sale: Apple Watch deals

With the new Apple Watch Series 8 and Apple Watch Ultra released last month, the Apple Amazon sale looks during Prime Early Access looks set to be a good time for Amazon Apple Watch deals. We're most likely to see savings on the 2021 Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE, but we're already seeing some good savings on the latest Series 8 model which is promising.

Prime Apple Watch deals: US

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS, 41mm) $399

Apple Watch Series 8 (GPS, 41mm) $399 $349 at Amazon
Save $50:
Considering the Series 8 is under a month old, we're seriously impressed to see a 13-per cent saving already! We don't expect this to last long, so snap it up whilst stocks last. You can also choose from several colours and configurations. Winner!

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 45mm):  $429

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS, 45mm): $429 $379 at Amazon
Save $50:
This certainly isn't the best deal we've seen on the Series 7 – we saw better during Prime Day in July, and it doesn't make huge sense when there's a saving on the newer Series 8, but keep an eye on this because the price could drop.

Apple Watch SE (Gen 1, 2021): From

Apple Watch SE (Gen 1, 2021): From $279 $199 at Amazon
Save up to $120:
Apple's most affordable Apple Watch just got a lot more affordable with up to a third off at Amazonright now. The biggest saving is on the GPS + cellular configurations, where you can save up to $120, but there's $80 off the GPS configuration too in certain colours

Prime Apple Watch deals: UK

Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm, GPS): £399

Apple Watch Series 7 (45mm, GPS): £399 £359 at Amazon
Save £40:
 This members-only Apple Amazon Prime deal saves you £40 on the 45mm GPS configuration of last year's Apple Watch 7. It's a similar deal to what Amazon ran during Prime Day in July and well worth snapping up if you don't want to pay more for the new Apple Watch Series 8. No discount on the 41mm yet though.

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular): From

Apple Watch Series 7 (GPS + Cellular): From £499 £399 at Amazon
Save up to £100:
 There are savings on both sizes of the GPS + cellular configuration of the Apple Watch Series 7, with an impressive 20 per cent off the larger 45mm. That's one of the biggest discounts we've ever seen on the Apple Watch Series 7 in the UK. This deal's available for non-members too.

Apple Watch SE (2021, GPS 44mm): From £269

Apple Watch SE (2021, GPS 44mm): From £269 £239 at Amazon
Save £30:
There are also Prime members-only deals on the 2021 Apple Watch SE, again only on the larger of the two sizes the watch comes in (we're not sure why Amazon seems to be favouring Prime members with larger wrists).

Apple Amazon sale: AirPods deals

AirPods are the Apple products that tend to see the most regular discounts at Apple Amazon sales, so they could be a good bet for next week's Apple Prime deals. These are the best deals that are live at the moment.

Prime Apple AirPods deals: US

Apple AirPods Max: $549

Apple AirPods Max: $549 $479 at Amazon
Save $70:
This is a welcome discount on Apple's over-ear headphones, but they were previously reduced to $429. Still, this is a great discount.

Apple AirPods:  $159

Apple AirPods: $159 $89.99 at Amazon
Save $69.01:
 For inner ears, Amazon has 43% off the standard Apple AirPods, taking the price down to a very reasonable $89.99

Prime Apple AirPods deals: UK

Apple AirPods Pro:  £239

Apple AirPods Pro: £239 £189 at Amazon
Save £50.97:
These fantastic noise-cancelling ear buds come with Siri voice commands, and a wireless charging case to boost battery life. This isn't the best saving we've ever seen in the UK, but it's still a great deal.

Apple AirPods Max: £549

Apple AirPods Max: £549 £469 at Amazon
Save £100:
You can save 15-per cent off various colour variations of the brilliant Apple AirPods Max on Amazon right now. Considering how expensive these Apple headphones are, it's well worth grabbing this discount if you've had your eye on them.

Apple Amazon sale: iPhone deals

We don't tend to see Amazon iPhone deals in the US – y our best bet for a discount on a new iPhone is usually via trade in direct with Apple, but there are some Apple Amazon sales deals to be grabbed in the UK.

Apple iPhone 13 Pro (2021): From £1,049

Apple iPhone 13 Pro (2021): From £1,049 £979 at Amazon
Save 7%:
With the new iPhone 14 just released, Amazon has some exclusive Prime members-only savings across last year's iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max. There are discounts on several configurations, the cheapest being the 256GB configuration of the Pro in graphite. Savings on the larger Pro Max appear to be on the 1TB configuration only.

Apple Amazon sale: Apple Pencil deals

Apple Pencils don't tend to come in for more than the occasional small discount around $20/£20. We saw discounts of that size during Amazon Prime Day in July, and we can expect to see similar next week. Here's what you can get right now...

All you need to know about the Apple Amazon sale

What is the Amazon Prime Early Access sale?

Amazon is launching a new members-only sale this year with the catchy title of Amazon Prime Early Access sale. The 'early access' appears to be a reference to its timing not long before Black Friday. Since it's a new event, we can't be sure exactly what to expect, but the suggestion is that it will offer Black Friday-style deals exclusively for Prime members.

When is the Amazon Prime Early Access sale 2022?

We can expect to see any Amazon Prime Early access Apple deals appear from Tuesday 11 October at midnight in the UK and at midnight Pacific Time in the US. Like Prime Day, the event will run for 48 hours, but we recommend keeping an eye on the deals below in the run-up to the event and even afterwards too.

Are Apple products included in Amazon Prime Early Access sale?

This will be the first Amazon Prime Early Access sale, so we're not entirely sure what to expect. If turns out to cover the same range of products as Prime Day, then we can expect discounts on a wide range of tech items, probably including some Apple products.

Don't expect massive Apple Prime Early Access deals across the tech giant's whole range. After all, Apple products tend to hold their value and don't often get big discounts. But, based on previous years, we expect to see some decent savings.

During Prime Day in July we saw savings of up to $200 / £200 off the price of some iPads and MacBooks. We also saw a record low price on the Apple Watch Series 7 and some great prices on AirPods. By and large, you'll need to turn to slightly older Apple products for the biggest potential savings, and there may be many savings that are not officially part of the Prime Early Access sale, making them available for everyone.

Do I need to be a Prime member to get Prime Early Access Apple deals?

In the main, yes; at least to get the official deals during Prime Day or the Prime Early Access sale, you need to be a member of Amazon's subscription service, Amazon Prime. Luckily you can sign up for a no-strings-attached 30-day free trial.

The free trial means you can take advantage of any Amazon Prime Day Early Access deals before you start to be charged for a subscription. And you can always even cancel your subscription with no penalty as soon as Prime Day is over if you really don't think you'll continue to use the benefits of the service. But also, as well as any Prime Early Access Apple deals, we expect we'll also see Apple deals that are open to everyone (see the best current deals below).

What Amazon Prime Early Access Apple deals should I look out for?

In July, we saw Prime Day Apple deals on a wide range of products, from iPads to AirPods and MacBooks. In most cases, they weren't actually official Prime Day Apple deals, but were Amazon Apple deals that were open to everyone, not just Prime members. The one Apple product that did see members-only Prime Day deals was Apple Watch – specifically Apple Watch Series 7 and Apple Watch SE, the first of which saw discounts of over $100 / £100. 

We'd expect to see something similar during the Amazon Prime Early Access sale, especially now that Apple was released the Apple Watch Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. The release of new models makes us think that we'll see even bigger savings on the Series 7, or perhaps even some deals on the Series 8 and the Apple Watch Ultra. Based on previous savings, we'd say that AirPods are also a good bet for Apple Prime Day Early Access deals. Savings on other Apple products might not be in the Prime Day Early Access sale proper, but we still expect to see more savings than usual across Amazon.

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