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The new Apple Card care instructions are WILD

(Image credit: Apple)

The long-awaited Apple Card was finally released across the US yesterday, and it's truly a thing of beauty. We've loved the design since it was first announced. But if you're thinking of getting on board with Apple's latest shiny new thing, be warned: this is a credit card with a serious care regime, according to official instructions on the Apple website. 

Apple's card design might be on a level with the best iPad accessories, but honestly, there are pets that require less looking after. Let's take a look at what the most high-maintenance member of your wallet needs in order to stay looking pristine.

First up, storage. Looks like all the regular card-toting options are out. About to pop it in your jeans pocket or leather wallet? STOP! Contact with fabrics such as denim or leather 'might cause permanent discolouration'.

Okay, how about a fabric wallet? Uh, well you're OK so long as it doesn't come into contact with any of your other cards. To avoid scratching, but also presumably to preserve your new card's elevated status in the wallet hierarchy.

Packing light and thinking of just pocketing the essentials? Uh oh. Better make sure there's no loose change, keys, or other "potentially abrasive objects" in the vicinity. And if your bag has a magnetic fastening, you're basically screwed.

Reverse of Apple Card

Looking this good takes effort (Image credit: Apple)

So you have your Apple Card safely in its own purpose-bought pouch, but somehow the unthinkable has happened and it has gained a smudge. How to clean it? Well that's easy. You'll just need to get out your lint-free microfibre cloth and isopropyl alcohol, and give it a quick wipe down. What do you mean you don't have isopropyl alcohol? Obviously you can't use any other household cleaners, compressed air or aerosol sprays. 

Read the full care instructions here. Still kind of want one? We don't blame you. You can find out more about the Apple Card here.

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