Everyone agrees this is Apple's worst ever design decision

Apple Magic Mouse 2
(Image credit: Apple)

If there's one company known for its design prowess, it's Apple. From the iPhone to the Apple Watch, everything just works. Well, almost everything. Curpertino's finest has been known to make the odd design mistake – but none seem to rankle the internet quite as much as the Magic Mouse 2.

It's a typically sleek-looking Apple peripheral and even made our best mouse for Mac list. But as soon as you need to charge it, the product instantly becomes useless. In possibly Apple's most mind-boggling design decision ever, it placed the lightning port on the bottom of the mouse, rendering it utterly unusable while being charged. And judging by the endless torrent of tweets about it, this one trips up Apple users every single day.

Apple Magic Mouse 2

A completely logical place for a charging port, no? (Image credit: Apple)
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Yep, it's one of the most infuriating design quirks ever – and as any Magic Mouse users will attest, this thing always manages to run out of battery just as you're making headway on an incredibly important and time-sensitive task. Just search 'worst Apple design' on Twitter, and you'll be met with countless photos of upside-down Magic Mice.

There's no denying that the Magic Mouse 2 is a case of form over function – but hey, at least it looks good. While that's the case with most of its products, Apple has let out a few aesthetic monstrosities over the years, from the iPhone 6 Smart Battery Case to the 2003 iMac Keyboard. Here are the 10 most beautiful Apple products – and the 5 ugliest. And be sure to check out our best MacBook deals below – with a massive, built-in trackpad, a separate mouse is very much an optional extra.

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