Video game fans are in a spin over the new Sonic 2 movie poster

Sonic 2 poster
(Image credit: Paramount)

Sonic the Hedgehog has had quite the journey to the silver screen over the last few years. The headline-grabbing botched character design was completely redrawn, and the 2020 movie ended up a surprising success. The second instalment is just around the corner, and fans of the franchise are loving the new poster. 

The new Sonic 2 poster is filled with Easter eggs for fans of the blue blur. Indeed, if the design is anything to go by, the next film could lean into the series' game heritage much more strongly. (Haven't played Sonic yet? Check out the best Nintendo Switch deals.)

Sonic 2 poster

So many Easter eggs (Image credit: Paramount)

There's Knuckles! There's Tails! There's Sonic and Tails on the plane from Sky Chase Zone! There's Sonic and Knuckles fighting over a chaos emerald! They're all inside a giant ring! Oh, and those strange pillars on the right of the poster look suspiciously like Labyrinth Zone – one of the most infamously tricky levels of the original game.

Indeed, while the first film was a largely real-world affair (except for, you know, the CGI blue hedgehog), it seems we'll finally be visiting a world more akin to that of the 90s Mega Drive games. 

"I can feel my inner 10 year-old screaming with joy at a poster like this," one Reddit user comments. And Twitter users are just as excited. "The new poster for Sonic 2 is just breathtaking! I'm glad this movie is more action-focused and has way more lore from the games," one user tweets.

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But while many are loving the Easter eggs in the poster, there's one thing that's rankling fans. Voice artist Colleen O'Shaughnessey, who plays Tails, isn't included in the top-billed names on the poster. Meanwhile Idris Elba, who plays Knuckles, is present and correct. It's a strange omission, given that Tails is literally Sonic's right-hand, er, fox. 

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Time will tell whether Sonic 2 will prove as successful as the first film, but the immediate future of the series is already safe – we've just seen the new logo for Sonic 3 (and fans are naturally guessing which new characters might be hiding inside it). Want to create a poster of your own? Check out our guide on how to download Photoshop.

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