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Apple's MacBooks are about to get EVEN better

It's fair to say that Apple's M1 chip hasn't disappointed. Revealed in November, the company's first ever custom silicon has been the talk of the tech world ever since, thanks to its unparalleled speed and efficiency. But if new leaks are to be believed, M1 could soon be old(ish) news.

According to new reports, the chip's successor (let's call it the M2, shall we?) has already entered mass production, and could appear in new machines as soon as this July. Yep, it sounds like our best laptops for graphic design list could gain some new entries sooner than we expected.

The Apple MacBook Pro 13-inch, M1

The M1 MacBook Pro is already seriously impressive  (Image credit: Apple)

Nikkei Asia reports that the M2 processor could make its way into the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air in a few months time, less than a year after the unveiling of its predecessor. We're a little surprised to hear that the M1 could be replaced so quickly – almost as impressed as we were with the speed with which these incredible M1 MacBook deals popped up. 

2021 iPad Pro

The 2021 iPad Pro is the latest device to get the M1 chip (Image credit: Apple)

Apple has been ramping up its M1 campaign this month, with both the beautiful new iMac and updated iPad Pro joining the club with the MacBook Air, MacBook Pro and Mac mini. We just hope the 16-inch MacBook Pro, our best laptop for graphic design, gets a look-in soon.

While Nikkei Asia calls it the M2, recent rumours have also suggested the next Apple chip could be called the M1X. Whatever the name, we've no doubt it'll offer incredible performance for creatives. Photoshop for M1 Macs, for example, is already unbelievably fast. Check out today's best M1 Mac deals below, and be sure to check out our Apple deals page for more brilliant offers.

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