Apparently, Apple is going to launch a load of new products soon

A bunch of new Apple products
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It feels like we've been waiting on news about the iPhone 14, Apple Watch Series 8, the new Apple AirPod Pros and the MacBook Air forever – but that might be about to change. An insider source has said that we can expect a bunch of new Apple products, starting this autumn and going into the first half of 2023.

In his newsletter, Mark Gurman revealed that according to his sources, Apple is about to "embark on one of the most ambitious periods of new products in its history". Could this mean that we're going to finally get a glimpse of the iPhone 14 in the next few months? It looks like these updates won't arrive in time for Prime Day, though it's still worth looking at our Apple Prime Day deals page for offers on existing Apple products.

Close up shot of two iPad 13 mini

How different will the iPhone 14 look to the iPhone 13? (Image credit: Apple)

Gurman said in his report that Apple will be releasing four iPhone 14 models, three Apple Watches, various M2 and M3 Macs, new iPads (high and low end), updated AirPod Pros, a new Apple TV, a new HomePod and even an Apple VR headset (which we've been anticipating for a while now). 

The report suggests that the new iPhone will sport an A16 chip, a 48-megapixel sensor, and an improved front-facing camera. Gurman hones in on the upcoming iPad's ability to multitask with Stage Manager and says that we can expect to see a 14- or 15-inch iPad display.  

Apple Insider's mockup of the AR/VR headset (Image credit: Apple Insider)

Could this be what the Apple VR set will look like? (Image credit: Apple Insider)

He also says the Apple Watch Series 8 will come equipped with an S8 chip similar to the S7 chip. However, apparently, the Series 8 Watch is likely to come with a new processor next year. We're just keeping our fingers crossed that the Apple Watch Series 8 will get thermal tracking

We're slightly disappointed that a new Apple Mouse didn't make it onto Gurman's lineup of products. Life would be so much better knowing that Apple fixed its biggest design crime with the charging port on the bottom of the mouse after all. 

Despite being 'an insider', we still wouldn't take Gurman's word as gospel just yet. With that being said, it's still exciting to potentially see so many new products on the horizon. If you can't wait for all these new products though, why not check out our roundup of the best Apple deals?

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