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Battle your way to art greatness with the latest ImagineFX

Remake Troost’s cover artwork features an armoured character from the upcoming game For Honor. As well as being a great piece of art – and his workshop is well worth a read – it serves as an introduction to our feature on this year’s most exciting game. In it, the team of artist reveal their approach and inspirations, and reveal how they dealt with a change of direction from the Ubisoft head honchos.

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We also talk to Blizzard, who reveal what they look for in new artists wanting to work on the company’s big (make that huge!) titles, we get character and environment advice from artists already working in the industry, insights on concepting a vehicle from the much-anticipated game Star Citizen, how artists work together in a creative pipeline to design a Final Fantasy-inspired airship, and lots, lots more.

Also inside this must-read issue:

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We explore Feng Zhu’s two studios, which helps the concept artist to separate out work and play.

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Norwegian artist Even Mehl Amundsen reveals how he balances his love of travelling with a successful freelance career.

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Carmen Sinek depicts an iconic character from World of Warcraft, while helping to make your painting process more streamlined.

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Artists send in the their digital and traditional artwork - will you be featured in the magazine this month, like Karolina here?

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