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Is this the cleverest video game logo ever?

All eyes in the video game world might be on the upcoming PS5 and Xbox Series X, but it seems older generations can still offer a few surprises years later. Nintendo's GameCube was released way back in 2001 – but fans are still discovering a secret message (or three) in the console's logo.

It's fairly clear that the overall form of the logo resembles the cubic shape of the Gamecube itself. One Reddit user (below) recently paid tribute to the design's ingenuity, highlighting that it also manages to resemble a G. But other users have subsequently pointed out a third hidden message. Does the GameCube logo actually deserve a spot on our best logos list? 

I think the Gamecube logo deserves more credit. It's actually a cube which forms a G for Gamecube while forming another cube in it from r/DesignPorn

As well as a 'G', it seems the logo also contains a 'C'. The negative black space inside the 'G' forms the shape of the letter – and many had never spotted it before. "Woah, I noticed the cube and the G but never the C," one Redditor exclaims – no doubt speaking for many of us.

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"Nintendo has top notch graphic design," one user comments, while another adds, "My dumb ass never spotted the G, let alone the C". And several say they can practically hear the image, which appeared as a delightful, musical animation (below) every time the console started up. 

We were underwhelmed with the logos for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X, and the genius of this 20 year-old console logo only reinforces the disappointment – if Sony and Microsoft needed inspiration, perhaps they'd have done well to look to gaming's past (or indeed taken a look at our logo design guide). 

But then again, we're suckers for logos with hidden messages. From FedEx's hidden arrow to Amazon's pointing smile (did you know it points from A to Z?), this infographic reveals 50 brilliant logo design secrets. And while GameCube's logo is great, it can't possibly compete with this unbelievable video game logo containing eight hidden images and counting.

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Daniel Piper

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