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Geometric shapes guide is completely addictive

Geometric shapes infographic
(Image credit: AAA State of Play)

We love a well-designed infographic, and this one from last year was particularly special. Revisit this awesome geometric shape guide to learn a thing or two about complicated shapes. 

If you're anything like us, you probably sometimes wish you'd paid a little more attention in school. Thankfully, it's never too late to learn. Not only is this infographic the perfect way for children to master geometric shapes, but it's also a handy reminder for those of us who might have forgotten a thing or two. 

The complete guide to geometric shapes by AAA State of Play is illustrated in a delightful chalkboard style, which rivals some of the best infographics on our list. It explores everything from one-sided to 20-sided shapes, along with information about the angles within each one. And maybe we're just big kids, but we found discovering each shape (it lost us after decadon) completely addictive. It's fascinating to see each polygon edge closer to a perfect circle with the addition of extra edges.  

Shape guide

Click on the guide to see the whole graphic (Image credit: AAA State of Play)

And then there's the names – most of us are familiar with pentagons and hexagons, but if you'd asked us to name a nineteen-sided shape before looking at this infographic, we have to admit that 'enneadecagon' might not have immediately jumped to mind. Click on the picture to enjoy the infographic in all its quadrilateral glory, or head to the original post, by AAA State of Play. Then make your own graphic with the best infographic makers around.

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