Can you guess the video game characters from these block colours?

Retro game characters block images
(Image credit: Computer Disposals Limite)

Video game characters are among some of the most recognisable in the world, from the moustachioed Super Mario to the blue blur that is, of course, Sonic the Hedgehog. But could you identify your favourites in a line-up of block images, made up only of the character's core colours?

Tech-recycling specialist Computer Disposals Ltd has put together a quiz featuring a number of retro video game characters reduced to their primary colours. The best examples of character design are instantly-recognisable – but how familiar are they without any of their identifying details such as clothes or accessories?

Video game character block images

How many can you identify? (Image credit: Computer Disposals Ltd)

For even the most ardent video game fan, this quiz is hard. Well-known characters like Princess Peach and the Legend of Zelda's Link are tough to identify when reduced to their core colours. And even Pac-Man, a character made of a single colour, is difficult to spot without his iconic missing 'slice'.

The company has revealed that of 1,000 people surveyed, only 40 per cent were able to correctly identify all 15 characters. And the most recognised character might not be the one you expect – 90 per cent were able to correctly identify Kirby, making him the most recognisable character on the list. 

Visit Computer Disposals Ltd for the full quiz, and more, including a fiendishly difficult quiz involving retro video game levels. And if you're looking for more quiz action, then see if you can guess the brand from these reimagined logos (spoiler alert: we couldn't).

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