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What if your favourite brands still used their original logo?

Rebrand project
(Image credit: Thomas J. Stevens)

Branding now has to work harder than ever, with a dazzling array of applications for a brand's face across print and digital. This means a clear and accessible logo or wordmark is vital, something that wasn't necessarily the case when many of the world's biggest brands started out.

So what would have happened if those brands were resistant to rebranding over the years? One designer decided to find out with a series of mockups designed to relay the importance of flexible, up-to-date brand design. With previous versions many of the world's best logos included, it's safe to say the corporate landscape could have looked extremely different. 

It's clear many of these brand's initial designs would never have stood up to the demands of modern application. Imagine trying to read Twitter's original logo on a small screen as pictured here, and notice the mismatch between Apple's minimalist tech and its illustrative logo. McDonald's may now entice folk from miles around with its iconic arches, but its original design was less than eye-catching. But what inspired designer and branding specialist Thomas J. Stevens put this together?

"I was thinking about the biggest brands we see day in day out and the impact on their products or services had they chosen not to rebrand their business," Stevens explained to Creative Bloq.

"I felt this would be an interesting way to shine a light on the importance of branding and allow people to clearly see the downsides of not having a simplistic, memorable, icon, versatile and responsive logo."

McDonald's posters

McDonald's soaring arches have been the eye-catching basis of many an advertising campaign – but it all could have been so different (Image credit: Leo Burnett London/McDonald's)

Many of the globe's most iconic logos feel like they've been the same forever, so it's fascinating to see how far some of them have come since their early conception, and what they say about the brands' previous personalities and positioning in a very different consumer world. Seeing them in the context Stevens has set up is eye-opening and certainly proves the need for clever rebranding.

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