The Apple logo is (probably) going to start looking a little different

Apple's Apple might be getting a change up, if recent reports are to be believed. A series of leaks ahead of Apple's upcoming event on 10 September suggest the iconic logo will be getting a makeover on the new iPhone 11. Hugely well known around the world, and frequently ranked amongst the best logos of our time, Apple's logo is so iconic, it's no surprise that even slight adjustments cause a stir amongst Apple fans.

So what's changing? Well, visualise the back of an iPhone. Where does the logo sit? Halfway up, right? Wrong. Although it might appear central, every iteration of the iPhone so far has had the Apple logo placed closer to the top of the phone than the bottom. 

To jog your memory, here's what the logo usually looks like:

apple logo

How the Apple logo has appeared on the back of iPhones (Image credit: Apple)

But leaked photos of the newest handset suggest it'll be shifting to a vertically central position, and the 'iPhone' branding at the bottom will be removed.

The below image was tweeted by tech writer Ben Geskin.

apple logo

What the iPhone 11 might look like (Image credit: Ben Geskin)

The sneaks also reveal a new-look three-lens camera, and an understated matte finish. For those of us used to the current logo placement, this all looks a bit... weird. 

Theories are flying freely as to the thinking behind the move. Some argue that the stripped-back design will help place more emphasis on the camera, where Apple is investing a lot of its time and money in a bid to become the very best camera phone around. Others have speculated that it's to do with a new reserve wireless charging feature that will enable users to charge up their AirPods on the back of their iPhone handset.

Read our sister website TechRadar's iPhone 11 report for more on the new phone.

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