iPhone 13 could have the changes designers have been waiting for

We've been swimming in iPhone 12 rumours for months and it seems as though some Apple aficionados are ready to move the conversation forward to what's coming next. Even though the 12 hasn't yet come out, prolific leakers and top fans are discussing what's in store for the iPhone 13. And, apparently, there's game-changing news ahead.

According to several reliable sources, the iPhone 13 will include some major updates, which have been on the wishlists of many for some time. As well as intel on the return of Touch ID, we are talking about notch news, people. This is not a drill. So will we be adding the iPhone 12 to our list of best smartphones, or is it all about holding out for the iPhone 13?

iPhone 12 renders

Is it worth skipping ahead to the 13? (Image credit: EverythingApplePro)

According to both Jon Prosser and Ice Universe (both super-reliable sources, usually), Apple will finally be addressing the elephant in the room of all smartphone updates – the notch. Widely hated by designers and anyone with a yearning for smooth, unblemished surfaces, is the notch finally set to disappear? Well, no, actually, say both sources. 

Prosser expects to see a narrowed notch (see below).

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Whereas Ice universe predicts, through a sketched representation in the below tweet, a shorter one. Since there are currently a number of prototypes floating around, there's no definitive answer to the controversy of the shape and size of the notch just yet.

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Frankly, we're surprised neither are ready to discuss Apple moving into the production of an under-screen camera, like the one that's going to be included in the new Xiaomi phones from next year. We think Apple should be moving in this direction and ditching the notch for good. 

Tech specialist Ross Young drops another bombshell with his intel, claiming that the iPhone 13 will welcome back Touch ID in the form of integrated touch, super-sized camera sensors and LPTO panels (which reduce the power consumption of OLED display). LPTO was expected to be included in the iPhone 12, to power its ProMotion display, but Apple was out of luck this year when Samsung reserved the entire stock for the Galaxy Note 20 Ultra. 

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So, it could be well worth skipping the iPhone 12 altogether, if these updates are ones you really care about. Of course, there is a bunch of great stuff happening with the iPhone 12 as well, according to the hot rumours circulating – find out more here.

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