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Apple's 2022 MacBook Air might not be an Air at all

MacBook Air render
(Image credit: Jon Prosser)

With the MacBook Pro receiving some long-overdue design love last month, the MacBook Air is certainly starting look a little long in the tooth. But rumours suggest the Pro's svelte sibling could soon be in for a refresh of its own – and as well as a new look, it could be getting a brand new name.

We've already heard that Apple is planning to do away with the classic tapered profile in favour of a thinner, flat profile. And new reports suggest the title of the device is in for a trim too – the MacBook Air could soon simply be the MacBook. (Check out the best early Apple Black Friday deals if you don't fancy waiting.)

MacBook Air colours concept

The new laptop is rumoured to be coming in multiple colours (Image credit: Parker Ortolani)

As spotted by MacRumors, established Apple leaker Dylandkt has claimed that Apple is planning to drop the 'Air' moniker altogether, reverting to the simple 'MacBook' name last used by the company's ill-fated 12-inch laptop. And it seems to make sense, bringing the MacBook naming convention in line with products like the iPhone (where we have a Pro, but there isn't an Air in sight). 

As for design, MacRumors corroborates recent rumours that the MacBook Air could be going the way of the 2021 iMac, with a series of pastel hues joining the traditional silver and grey. As fans of the more fun, retro vibe of the new desktop Mac, we'd love to see colour filter down to the laptop lineup.

MacBook Air render

We hope you like notches (Image credit: Jon Prosser)

But will the most controversial design aspect of the new MacBook Pro make its way to the MacBook Air? Yep, we are of course talking about the dreaded notch. If rumours are to be believed, it certainly is – although both the notch and bezels could be white instead of black, another design touch borrowed from the new iMac. 

With a brand new design, name, and hopefully the power of Apple's M1 Pro and M1 Pro Max chips, the next MacBook Air is already sounding like an entirely different beast to the current model. Not that 2020's model is a slouch – we're still blown away by the speed and power of M1. Check out today's best M1 Mac deals below, and be sure to visit our main Apple deals page. 

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