These are our 3 favourite new Marvel logos revealed at Comic-Con

The Marvel logo
(Image credit: Marvel)

Unless you've been completely disconnected from the online world for a few days, you probably heard that Comic Con took place over the weekend. The comic book convention is a hub for all things superhero, and the likes of Marvel often use the event to announce a load of exciting news. And this year was no different. 

Comic-Con 2022 was jam-packed full of a load of announcements (like the new Black Panther movie), but of course, it was the new logos for upcoming movies and shows that caught our eyes. From Guardians of the Galaxy 3 to Captain America: New World Order, plenty of new designs were revealed to the world – but here are the three that stood out to us the most. 

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01. Blade

The new Blade logo

(Image credit: Marvel)

Blade may have started off as a side character, but he soon rose to popularity with his very own comics. Now the famous half-vampire will be hitting the silver screen once again with his own movie due to release in November 2023. 

The new logo sports a haunting typeface. With its appropriately sharp corners and minimalistic glyphs, the wordmark resembles something similar to not only a blade, but also kind of looks as if it has been sliced by said blade. Not to mention the fact that the deep red brings to mind blood, which goes hand-in-hand with the whole vampire thing.

02. Agatha: Coven of Chaos

The new Agatha: Coven of Chaos logo

(Image credit: Marvel)

Agatha struck a nerve with Wanda Vision fans when it was revealed that it was, of course, Agatha all along. Despite causing problems for Wanda, the witch became something of a fan favourite (especially among the LGBT+ community) with her mischievous ways and overt campness. And now the cheeky witch is getting her own spin-off. 

It's uncertain whether the show will take place before or after Agatha's run in the Wanda, but we do know that the logo is awesome. With a deep purple colour and a menacing serif font, the logo is bursting with that famous Agatha peskiness. Plus, the 'Coven of Chaos' is an absolutely awesome name. 

03. Fantastic Four

The new Fantastic Four logo

(Image credit: Marvel)

Even though the Fantastic Four comics were cancelled back in 2015, the dynamic hero group is still a fan favourite. The next Fantastic Four movie is due to hit our screens in 2024, and of course, it comes with a brand spanking new logo. 

The logo, of course, features a number four, but it's done in an original way. The design looks slick and creates a feeling of speed with laser-like lines. The geometric forms are neat and cohesive, while also still sporting a similar blue to the suits used in the comic books. 

Want to check our more recent logo designs? We loved the new Aston Martin logo and the Orion logo. And the emo Wendy's logo is just genius.

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