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Ingenious vet logo design drives the internet wild

Medivet logo
(Image credit: TurnerDuckworth)

From FedEx to Amazon, plenty of the most iconic logo designs in the world feature brilliant hidden images or meanings. And now we can add another to the list, courtesy of, er, a UK-based veterinary service. 

Medivet's logo has gone viral after a Twitter user spotted the design's ingenious use of negative space, which transforms the inside of an 'M' into a cat's face. Like many of the best logos of all time, the design is pretty much guaranteed to raise a smile.

Medivet logo

M is for Meow (Image credit: TurnerDuckworth)

"Imagine how the designer must’ve felt when they came up with this logo," creative director Stu Royall Tweeted alongside an image of the logo. "I’d ruin my life chasing that high again." Indeed, it's certainly a smart design, with the addition of a mere triangle beneath the M creating a 'nose' – and giving enough context to transform that white space into a cat's head (although, are we the only ones getting Batman vibes too?).

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Medivet logo

The logo in situ (Image credit: TurnerDuckworth)

The design by TurnerDuckworth was part of a rebrand for the company last year, and won a Wood Pencil award at the 2020 D&AD awards. And it's certainly proving a hit online, with over 25K upvotes on Reddit. "Excellent concept/idea," one user tweets, while another adds, "I'd give the designer a year off if I was their boss." Check out our roundup of the best uses of negative space for more awesome examples.

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We love a good old logo with a hidden message, and Medivet's design is the cat's pyjamas. For more brilliant examples, check out this infographic revealing over 50 logo secrets. And if you're inspired to create a design of your own, take a look at our guide to logo design

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