We can't stop laughing at this unfortunate logo design

The MyoBalls logo
(Image credit: MyoBalls)

Sometimes it's hard to see the bigger picture when you're designing a logo, which is when unfortunate mistakes slip through. We've seen some pretty hilarious design fails over the years, and this logo for the brand MyoBalls is no exception. 

This logo has gone viral on the CrappyDesign Reddit page as it looks like it says "My Balls" (as if that wasn't obvious). The brand specialises in massage equipment that looks like the O shape in the logo design (see below), but without the context of the product, the logo looks pretty, let's say, rude. We think MyoBalls should follow our 15 golden rules of logo design when designing its next logo to avoid confusion. 

A poster for MyoBalls

The O in the logo looks like the Myo massage balls (Image credit: MyoBalls)

Aside from the X-rated design fail, there are quite a few things in the logo that we aren't keen on. The blinding neon green is quite an overload, especially on the MyoBalls poster (see above). We also think the combination of the oblique font and the gradient lime green is similar to the Kim Possible and Ben 10 logos, which would be fine if you were trying to sell a children's cartoon instead of sports massage balls. 

A comparison between the Kim Possible, Ben 10 and MyoBalls logos

(Image credit: MyoBalls/Disney/Cartoon Network/Future)

The logo has got plenty of attention on Reddit and many users have left hilarious comments on the design. One Redditor said, "This should've been an underwear brand". Someone responded to a YouTube video about the MyoBalls, "This made me laugh my ass off," because the lady in the video sounds like she is saying my old balls instead of MyoBalls – could they have chosen a worse name and logo combo?

dont_use_your_product_as_the_letter_o_in_your from r/CrappyDesign
dont_use_your_product_as_the_letter_o_in_your from r/CrappyDesign
dont_use_your_product_as_the_letter_o_in_your from r/CrappyDesign

If you're in the middle of making a logo, we hope this unfortunate design inspires you to triple-check your work before it's published (just in case). If you're designing a logo at the minute, then we recommend checking out our roundup of our best free logo makers

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