NASA’s 3D billboard is out of this world

Astronaut bursting from 3D billboard
(Image credit: Screenshot via Blunt Action on YouTube)

NASA has unleashed an astonishing 3D billboard that captures the rich history and exciting future of space exploration. The billboard features over six minutes of outstanding art, taking viewers on a journey through time, from the iconic Apollo missions to the latest Artemis program, expertly combining the worlds of digital art and groundbreaking technology.

As part of the worldwide unveiling of the Kennedy Entryway Experience, the display will be featured outside of the Kennedy Space Center as a stunning visual spectacle for visitors. (For more inspiring billboards, take a look at our collection of the best billboard advertising). 

Spacecraft bursting from 3D billboard

(Image credit: Screenshot via Blunt Action on YouTube)

Created by multimedia tech and design studio, Blunt Action, the interactive billboard features a multitude of immersive scenes, from a 3D astronaut lunging out of the screen to a NASA spacecraft blasting into space. The team worked extensively to bring NASA's history to life, led by the guidance of Co-Founders, Ethan Jakab, Colby Hampton, and Jared Bellon. 

The 3D video is a work of mammoth scale, with the display screen reaching 30 feet in height and each frame consisting of 6.1 million pixels. Collaborating with SNA displays, the work is "one of the longest anamorphic experiences created to date," according to Blunt Action, adding to the huge immersive impact of the billboard. 

"This project wasn’t just about creating an animation; it was about breathing life into history, crafting an immersive portal to the stars, and presenting it to the public," says Ethan Jakab to Design Boom. "We take pride in pushing boundaries, and NASA’s trust in our creative direction has resulted in one of the most ambitious and breathtaking anamorphic visual experiences,’ he adds. 

In my opinion, this innovative 3D billboard is one of the best examples of art and tech harmonising to create something groundbreaking and stunning – I'm almost tempted to book flights to see it in all its glory. 

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