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New operating system launches with creators in mind

A new Linux operating system designed specifically for people who use their computers to create has landed. System76 has developed Pop!_OS for people working on “complicated, professional-grade software and products, sophisticated 3D models... or makers working on their latest invention”, among others, it says – good news for 3D artists and other creatives looking for an alternative to Windows or macOS.

Pop!_OS is available now as an alpha release

Pop!_OS is available now as an alpha release (Image credit: Pop!_OS)

Pop!_OS is a Zero UI operating system built on Ubuntu, meaning the interface is unobtrusive and can be customised to suit your own needs. It's currently in an alpha release but already reportedly offers plenty of open source software and development tools.

The OS can be customised in a multitude of ways

The OS can be customised in a multitude of ways (Image credit: Pop!_OS)

“While our operating system and computers are great for any user, the ideas and features we develop for Pop!_OS will be squarely focused on the professionals and makers who use their computers to create,” says Carl Richell, CEO of System76, a Linux specialist.

An alpha version of Pop!_OS is available to trial now, with the full stable release scheduled for 19 October.

System 76 is inviting users to trial it and to get involved in the final stages of its development over at reddit and GitHub

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