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PS5 logo gets retro makeover in colourful redesign (and fans are loving it)

The release of the much anticipated PlayStation 5 last month brought with a lot of complications, with many retailers struggling to deal with demand, and lots of customers left disappointed at the lack of consoles available on launch day (and ever since, actually).

But for one lucky fan who did manage to get their hands on one, it seems the monochrome design wasn't quite up to scratch. Posting photos on Twitter recently, user Game Reaper 187 decided to customise his console with colourful plastic inlays in a nod back to the original 1994 PlayStation logo.

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The nod of nostalgia is clearly something PlayStation fans appreciate, with the new look going down a storm online. Game Reaper 187's tweet has hundreds of replies (and counting), the majority of which are loving the bright update and wanting to get hold of the colourful inlays themselves. Among them Twitter user @Everett818 comments "Now this is epic', while @adopt_a_dogg asks "Are you taking orders?"

Designed by Japanese graphic artist Manabu Sakamoto, the original P on top of the S PlayStation logo was created back in 1994. For years it adopted a colour scheme that saw the P in a bright red, above the S, which had a three-colour pattern of yellow, green and blue. The design became one of the most instantly recognisable logos in the world, and remains so despite Sony's decision to turn the logo monochrome in 2009.

Playstation 5

The monochrome logo on the new PS5  (Image credit: Playstation)

Despite the colourless logo being around for some time now, it's clear the affinity Playstation users have for the original colour palette is stronger than ever. Sony hasn't said if additional colours of its new console will be available in the future, but, if this strong reaction is anything to go by, it's something the company would do well to seriously look into for future releases.

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