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Why is Heinz rolling out ketchup bottles with wonky labels?

Heinz bottle
(Image credit: Heinz)

We've all been there. You've cooked a delicious dinner and you can't wait to tuck in, but your ketchup supplies are running low and you can't seem to pour the last drops no matter how hard you try. To help tackle this common frustration, Heinz Canada ketchup bottles have started sporting a clever label which shows you the perfect pouring angle.

This brilliant but simple idea is up there with the best packaging designs we've come across. Created by independent creative agency Rethink Canada, the labels on the Pour-Perfect bottles (above) appear to have been rotated to a very unusual angle.

But while the bottles look odd on supermarket shelves, when shoppers pick them up they'll quickly figure out that turning the label upright tips the bottle into the ideal ketchup pouring position.

Check out the pleasantly surprised reaction of shoppers in the accompanying Heinz advert below.

Does it work though, or will we still have to shake the bottle violently or dig around with a butter knife? There's only one way to find out, and that's to pick up a Pour-Perfect bottle and give it a go. Don't hang around though, they're only on sale in Toronto for a limited time.

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