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Nintendo Switch OLED restock in for June 2022

The Nintendo Switch OLED and its case on a tabletop.
(Image credit: Nintendo)

It's been a tricky few months, but finally Nintendo Switch OLED restocks are becoming more of a regular occurrence. It's been especially bleak in the US, where supply issues have resulted in many inflated Nintendo Switch OLED prices, even over the Christmas period. So, with the Nintendo Switch OLED more available than ever, what makes a good Nintendo Switch OLED deal?

We're beginning to see lots of Nintendo Switch OLED restock at the standard retail price of $349.99, if not a little lower (it has been regularly higher than this for months!) If you're in the UK, it's been dipping to as low as £299.99.

We'll list the best current Nintendo Switch OLED restock deals below, and, just in case they sell out, further below we have a list of all the best retailers to try for Nintendo Switch OLED restocks. See our guide to Nintendo Switch deals in general if you're not set on the OLED version, or see our comparison of the Nintendo Switch OLED vs the Nintendo Switch. And for more console restocks, see our PS5 restock news.

Latest Nintendo Switch OLED restock

A man's hand picks up the Nintendo Switch OLED from its case.

(Image credit: Nintendo)

The Nintendo Switch OLED

The best Nintendo Switch to date.


Current iteration: 4th
Release date: 8 October 2021
Retail cost: $349.99/£309.99
Screen size: 7-inches

Reasons to buy

Stunning 7-inch screen
Lots of great games
Great speakers

Reasons to avoid

Supply has been patchy 

As you will probably know, the Nintendo Switch OLED was released in October 2021 as the fourth iteration of Nintendo's unique console. It retails at $349.99/£309.99, compared to the original Nintendo Switch that is $299.99/£259.99, and the Nintendo Switch Lite at $199.99/£199.99. For all the fun you get to have, with this beautiful OLED screen, we think that even at the asking price, this is great value for money. But there are Nintendo Switch OLED deals to be had!  

Seeing that you get enhanced speakers and twice the storage than the original model, not to mention a slightly improved dock that includes a LAN port, and a wider kickstand, we think any savings would be a win on the OLED model. Currently, the best Nintendo Switch OLED deals that we've seen in the US have been $280 in Feb 2022. Needless to say, this didn't last long, and we've not seen the like since. In the UK the best Nintendo Switch OLED deal was £309, also in February. 

Not in the US or the UK? Here are the best Nintendo Switch OLED restock deals wherever you are in the world...

Nintendo Switch OLED restock: US retailers

While Nintendo Switch OLED restock is currently the best it's ever been, supply can still come and go very fast. If the Switch OLED deals have sold out, it's worth checking the retailers below in case they receive new stock.

Nintendo Switch OLED restock: UK retailers

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