Is this the weirdest Sony PS5 accessory yet?

Ever had that problem where you're so into a video game that you don't want to put down the controller to eat? A Japanese company clearly saw this as a problem that needed a solution – perhaps after too many sessions on Ratchet & Clank ruined by spillages or grease on the controller – and has come up with what might be the weirdest gaming accessory yet.

B'full has devised a holder that allows you to use chopsticks (not included) without having to pause a game. By squeezing your index finger and middle finger together, you can pick things up without lifting a finger from your PS5 controller (if you want a PS5 to use your fancy chopsticks holder with, see our guide to where to buy a PS5.)

PS5 chopsticks holder

No need to choose between chopsticks or your PS5 controller (Image credit: B'full)

B’full’s Gaming Chopsticks Holder has a squeezable plastic separator that holds the sticks apart, allowing them to be used in a novel way by squeezing two fingers, leaving your thumb free. The holder also serves to avoid needing a plate or other surface on which to rest your chopsticks.

Gaming and snacks certainly go well together, and if you don't want to get grease all over your controller, chopsticks are already a better option than using your hands. We imagine the device could possibly serve for holding other items too, perhaps a mouse or even exercise equipment – though we wouldn't suggest trying it with power tools. 

The outlay for this ingenious contraption? B'full is selling it through its own website and on Amazon Japan for ¥1,210 (around $11 / £8). Note that the contraption is designed to hold tapered disposable chopsticks and that B'full can't guarantee a snug fit with thinner rounded chopsticks.

Looking for more absurd accessories? How about a robotic third eye to avoid obstacles while you're using your phone in the street, or a screen protector for an Apple product that doesn't have a screen? Meanwhile, for somewhat more essential items to pair with your PS5, see of choice of the best external hard drive for PS5 and the best TV for PS5 – or if you're frustrated with the PS5's lack of availability check out the prices on other top consoles below.

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