Sony's new PS5 looks like Sony's old PS5

New look PS5
(Image credit: Sony)

After months of rumours, Sony today finally announced a new, slimmer version of its famously gargantuan PS5 console. But those hoping for a transformation as dramatic as that offered by 'Slim' editions of previous PlayStations might be disappointed. 

The "new look" PS5 (it isn't actually called PS5 Slim) features a smaller form factor, along with an attachable disk drive. Sony claims that the size has been reduced by 30% and the weight by 18%. The new console starts at $449/£389 for the digital only version.

Sony announced the console in a new blog post today. Curiously, the design features four panels, one of which can be replaced by the attachable disk drive. This results in a much more prominent sideways bulge than before, although the digital edition looks pretty slick and symmetrical without it.

While we'll have to wait for side-by-side comparison shots to assess the real difference, it hasn't escaped fans' notice that this thing looks very similar to the original, much-mocked PS5. While the detachable drive pretty useful, letting users who opt to go without change their minds later on, could Sony really not have given the PS5 a more significant design refresh?

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Time will tell whether the new PS5 will prove as big a hit as the current model – and indeed whether it'll prove as tricky to get hold of. Sony says that once stock of the previous model runs out, the new PS5 "will become the only model available". Speaking of the previous model, there are some pretty sweet PS5 deals available as part of Amazon Big Deal Days right now.

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Daniel John
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