You will love the new She-Hulk logo

A close up of the She-Hulk poster
(Image credit: Marvel/Disney)

Everyone knows The Incredible Hulk, right? But were you aware the angry green giant had a female counterpart? That's right, She-Hulk is glamourous and green – and fans have just been treated to a first look at the new hero's logo. 

Earlier this week, the trailer for the She-Hulk series (see below) was released by Disney, revealing the new logo. The logo features a super retro word mark that looks like something straight from the '80s – and I kind of love it. If you're in the midst of creating your own logo, then make sure you check out our guide on how to design a logo

The logo has also been spotted alongside a brand new poster for the series (see below). Both the poster and logo have a retro feel to them and feature Hulk's classic green and purple colour palette. The series is set to release on Disney+ (sign up over on our guide to Disney Plus) at the end of August.

The She-Hulk poster

The full She-Hulk poster (Image credit: Marvel/Disney+ )

This isn't the first She-Hulk logo we've seen, as there have been a few other designs in the lead-up to this final release (see below). The lineup has left me asking, why on earth did anyone think the first logo was a good idea? It looks more like a logo for after-dinner mints. It's good that Marvel chose the best out of the three, and perhaps we should add it back to our roundup of the best Marvel logos of all time.

A comparison between the three She-Hulk logos

Which is your favourite? (Image credit: Marvel/Disney)

It looks as though I am not the only one enjoying the retro design as many users have taken to Twitter to express their opinions. One user tweeted, "Thank god they didn't go with that bland logo from last time lol," and another replied, "I like that they kept this old logo, but gave a little title underneath it. Looks pretty cool". However, not everyone is keen on the new look, and one user tweeted, "They could’ve done so much better this logo is so ugly". 

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We will have to wait until August to binge-watch the series, but in the meantime, why not try having a go at designing your own logo? Just download Illustrator and get creating. Or if you're still on the hunt for some inspiration, then make sure you check our roundup of the best logos of all time. 

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