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These ping pong table designs are a smash hit

table tennis
(Image credit: Campbell Hay)

Ping pong tables might not strike you as an obvious support for bold graphic design but London-based consultancy Campbell Hay has produced a series of colourful table designs that capture the speed and energy of the sport.

With abstract geometric patterns and a bright colour palette, the eight designs take inspiration from typical moves in ping pong. They play with the sport’s vocabulary applying words like bounce, smash and spin applied in oversized type (for more graphic design inspiration see our guide to the best graphic design books).

Campbell Hay produced the tables with table tennis specialist The Art of Ping Pong, which offers a range of funky tables, bats and accessories and organises ping pong parties. Two of the tables were produced in fibreglass reinforced polyester with polished steel legs and nets. These are available to play in London’s Islington Square. Another six smaller tables in laminated birch plywood are on display at The Gallery at Islington Square until September 2021.

table tennis

The designs use bold type and bright colours (Image credit: Campbell Hay)

The consultancy further enhanced the tables through augmented reality, using filters to make them come to life on the screen. If you need software to enhance your own designs see our guide to the best graphic design software.

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