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Do you have a toxic boss? Find out with this flowchart

toxic boss infographic
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Most of us will know the impact having a bad boss has on our work, and how it can even impact our mental and physical health, but when things get truly toxic, the situation gets even worse. 

If you've ever wondered where the line is between bad boss and toxic leader, then a new infographic is here to help. This flowchart from can help you understand whether you're dealing with someone toxic (if you love an infographic, also see some more of the best infographics around). The flowchart asks you a number of questions about your boss to help you determine the type of boss they are. The best part? There's also some handy advice on how to deal with the different types of toxic boss. Because not all toxic bosses are created equal.  

Click to enlarge the infographic (Image credit:'s infographic also ends with some tips on what to do if your boss isn't toxic, including advice on how to maintain a healthy working relationship. 

This stuff is more important than you might think, as the results of toxicity in the workplace can even turn out to be fatal. One Stanford study found that mismanagement in the American workplace could be responsible for 120,000 deaths a year.

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