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How to look after your mental health during lockdown

(Image credit: Loish)

As the threat of the "second wave" looms, many people are considering how they would cope in another lockdown. This year has also made many people more aware of their mental health than ever, as they've had to learn to cope in often very isolating circumstances.

Superstar digital artist Loish asked her 251,000-plus followers on Twitter for their mental health tips on coping with the year so far, and has so far had over 250 responses. We've trawled through the thread to find what we think are the best tips. 

As well as the tips below, many creatives suggested using the time to perfect your artwork, or do daily drawing challenges. See our how to draw tutorials or our watercolour techniques article if you are looking to up your skills.

01. Get dressed every day

It doesn't matter if you're not actually going anywhere, just changing out of your pyjamas and into some different clothes can do wonders for your mood, as the tweeter below attests.

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02. Record the good things

Some people might call it practising gratitude, others might call it writing a list, but @Dogss suggests writing down three good things that happened to you every day, and we think that's a really good idea. In the midst of a lockdown you might have to think quite hard to come up with three good things, but this exercise should help you appreciate essential comforts such as being warm, and having food to eat.

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03. Separate work from home

When you're working from home, having a separation between your work and personal life can be tricky, but there are a few things you can do to help. @PiSquare suggests investing in separate devices for home and work to keep things nice and well... separate. See our best laptops for graphic design or best drawing tablets if you want some advice on getting yourself some new kit.

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04. Use an app blocker

Lots of people suggested limiting your time looking at social media, and time spent looking at the news. Some went further and suggested using app blockers to limit the time you spend on certain apps. This could be helpful if you've found simply setting yourself a limit doesn't work for you. 

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05. Do some exercise

It sounds obvious, but doing exercise really can help keep your brain and body engaged, and do wonders for your mental health. Lots of people suggested this one, with suggestions ranging from doing YouTube videos to getting outside for a walk or a bike ride whenever possible. 

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06. Have a living room dance party

If all else fails, then it might just be time to turn up your music and dance around whatever space you have available. Lockdown is the perfect time to dance like nobody's watching, because it's quite probable that no one will be watching (unless you're on a Zoom call that is). 

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For more advice, you can read the whole thread here

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