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Twitter's awesome new photo update will make you want to share more

If you've ever felt caged in by Twitter's auto-image cropping, today's a day for celebration. Your image-sharing wings shall be clipped no longer (okay, enough with the bird puns) as the social media giant has announced the removal of the automatic image cropping feature. Up until now, this feature has constrained your pictures to a rectangular shape that needed to be tapped to see in full.

Now, iOS and Android users alike (this isn't yet available on desktop) will be able to share and view images in their full aspect ratios when using the platform. The Twittersphere is full of users rejoicing the news, which was announced via the below tweet yesterday. You'll definitely need up your editing game with the best photo apps to get your snaps up to standard.

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The subject is currently trending on Twitter, under the phrase 'RIP Twitter crop' (confusingly, this is showing up as 'RIP Twitter' on the trending snippet, killing the celebratory vibe somewhat), with users sharing their big photos with glee. 

Celebrating the most is the creative community, who can now share their artwork and design projects knowing they'll show up in full on the timeline of followers – meaning they're less likely to scroll on by. Until now, image-heavy networks like Instagram were the go-to choice for artists and designers, but with the 'RIP Twitter crop feed' full of artwork, it seems Twitter may now become a more attractive option.

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However, it seems the 'open for a surprise' meme may be the deadest part of all, which many are feeling sadness over. 'Open for a surprise as long as you're on desktop' doesn't have quite the same ring to it...

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It would be fair to say that until now, Twitter has been a platform largely for words, rather than images. But this development, along with the fact users were recently enabled to upload images in 4K on iOS and Android, shows a desire to compete with the social networks more centred on the visuals. We wonder how it will pan out.

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