These typography quizzes are unmissable for font fans

I Love Typography
(Image credit: The Font Game)

Think you're a typography whizz? If so you'll want to try these new quizzes. Created by the I Love Typography blog, they will test your visual memory so you can prove just how knowledgable you are when it comes to fonts. 

Imagine the bragging rights you'll earn (well, in the design sphere anyway) if you manage a perfect score in both. And if you aren't sure you're quite up to the challenge, you can see it as a much-needed learning opportunity. Because we're all about self-improvement.

So, if you're the type(face) that can predict what would go into our futuristic fonts or italic fonts posts before you've even seen them, we suggest you keep reading to find out how you can prove your royal status in the world of fonts. 

Typography quiz: The Font Game

The Font Game  (Image credit: I Love Typography)

The Font Game (opens in new tab) (an improved version of a previous quiz) shows you a series of 30 letter strings – spelling out the word 'fargo' – and your job is to choose which font has been used in each case. A variety of fonts are covered, from Comic Sans to Showcard Gothic, so your knowledge needs to be wide to do well. That said, this is more of an entry-level quiz (dubbed "somewhat difficult" by I Love Typography) and there are more difficulty levels coming soon ("rather difficult" and "just crazy difficult"), according to the creator. We can't wait.

On Twitter, quizheads seem to be averaging somewhere in the 20s, with a few typographical wizards boasting of a perfect score. You can add your own score on the I Love Typography Twitter thread (opens in new tab).

Typography quiz: Glorious Glyphs

Glorious Glyphs (Image credit: I Love Typography)

Glorious Glyphs (opens in new tab) steps things up a gear. In this quiz, you need to identify the font from a single, you guessed it, glyph. These range from the ancient ampersand (do you know its amazing history, by the way?) to the modern @ sign, but single letters are included, too. 

So far on the Twitter thread (opens in new tab), there are no perfect scores reported on this icon challenge, with users averaging 20/25. Could you be the first to achieve greatness?

If this has got you in the mood for a quiz-filled day, you could make things personal by finding out exactly what typeface you are. Or, branch out into logos and spot the errors in these famous logos. You'll be a design master by teatime.

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