WeTransfer unveils new logo and brand identity

Cloud-based file sharing service WeTransfer has revealed its first new identity, website and logo design since launching back in 2009. Deciding to go back to basics and build up from scratch, the new identity sees the company drop the word 'transfer' from the logo and focus instead on refining the wordmark symbol.

The new logo retires the roots in the typeface that could be found in the previous design iteration. WeTransfer's in-house creative director Laszlito Kovacs began drafting concepts and ideas before working with Bold Monday's Paul van der Laan to hone the details. The result is a cute new logo which Thijs Remie, vide president of design at WeTransfer, says is "well-balanced and exudes its personality at a small size."

Beyond the new logo, WeTransfer's website has been given a fresh colour palette, new typography and a cleaner interface. A bigger message field that scales as you type, plus a set of illustrations that guide you through crucial moments of the transfer process complete the redesign.

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Settling on the new logo took more work than meets the eye
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At the heart of the redesign was the 'We' wordmark
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Eye-catching illustrations guide the user through the WeTransfer experience
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Shapes dubbed 'particles' help to freshen up the site
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The evolution of the WeTransfer logo over the years

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