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This beer emphasises branding over flavour

Super Jay packaging

Super Jay's brand identity combines character and individuality

Creating identities for food and drink packaging is a great way for designers to get started in the industry, with this illustrative packaging style for Super Jay demonstrating the possibilities branding offers.

Made by strategic design firm PWW, the branding for American Pale Ale Super Jay is lead by identity rather than flavour. Based around migrating Jaybirds, the packaging reflects PWW's London and Seattle based offices.

The Super Jay story is all about combining beers from different times and places, which is reflected in the branding. The packaging's typography blends into the graphics, as shown in the capital 'J' which blends into the Jaybird symbol.

With a second batch of French ale on the way, whose label will incorporate French, avant-garde style typography, the message of PWW's packaging looks set to spread all around the world.

Get a taste of Super Jay's amazing packaging with the images below.

Super Jay packaging

Jaybirds from the Lake District inspired the design

Super Jay packaging

Blended flavours are reflected in the packaging's typography

Super Jay packaging

Future releases will incorporate new typography styles

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