Crumbs! Clever cookie packaging takes the biscuit

Thelma's is a cookie delivery business run by mother and son, Lana and Dereck Lewis. Each day, they lovingly bake chocolate chip cookies and snickerdoodles, and deliver them by the dozen, warm in this brilliant oven-inspired packaging design.

The company, named after the owner's great-grandmother, underwent a rebrand recently, with Iowa-based creative agency Saturday Mfg leading the project. "Great-Grandma Thelma grew up in Monroe, Iowa, and was famous for her snickerdoodle cookies," the agency explains. "In honor of her 108th birthday this year, our client launched Thelma's - delivering warm cookies to businesses and selling ice cream cookie sandwiches at events.

"Saturday Mfg helped create the branding from scratch. From the iconic logo and 'Thelma's words of wisdom' to the sales cart and the delivery box, each bite of Thelma's brand is joy unto itself."

Saturday Mfg's packaging design delivers Thelma's cookies fresh from the oven

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