Instagram designers: Who to follow for creative inspiration

Following the right Instagram designers is a great way to see new work. In this roundup, we've gathered together the designers, illustrators and animators with the best Instagram feeds. This is who you need to follow to get creative inspiration delivered directly into your feed.

Instagram is one of the most effective social media networks for graphic designers. The image-based platform lets you capture and share the world around you, and gives you a sneaky peek into what others are up to, as well – including your favourite designers.

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To help you find the best designers to follow on Instagram, we've compiled a quick list of some of the most inspiring, interesting and forward-thinking creatives on the platform, creating everything from pixel art to experimental design. Follow these inspirational Instagram designers and illustrators and you can't go far wrong.

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01. Design Lad

Instagram designers: Design Lad

(Image credit: Design Lad)

Design lad is a London-based freelance 3D illustrator and animation director. “I love taking on commissions where I can add a sense of fun," he says. "As it is, you can usually guarantee that my work will have a unique sense of character, colour and playfulness."

He's known for his bold, playful and colourful work, and counts the likes of Adidas, Virgin, Sony Music and WIRED amongst previous clients. Of his bold and bright Instagram feed, he comments: "I try and post projects that everyone can relate to, and I’ve certainly gained lots of work through it."

02. Gianluca Alla

Instagram designers: Gianluca Alla

(Image credit: Gianluca Alla)

Born in Italy, Gianluca Alla is now based in London, having moved there a few months ago from Switzerland. His introduction into design work came in 2013 when he was still at university. "One of my teachers asked me if I wanted to be involved in a fashion project," says Alla, "and we designed some catalogues for an Italian brand."

Currently freelancing and building his own business, Alla is constantly experimenting with typography. "My last personal project is Letterzip, a series of short animated answers (GIFs) where users can send them through any application, just by searching ‘Letterzip’ while they are typing," he tells us. 

"Letters are my biggest inspiration. I always try to be consistent in what I do, manipulating lettering and using it on different applications," he says. "I don’t want to be the designer who designs just posters or just animates letters. I’d like to be the designer that is called for designing a poster, and then the day after for animating letters."

03. Elenor Kopka

Instagram designers: Elenor Kopka

(Image credit: Elenor Kopka)

Elenor Kopka is a German illustrator and animator, and co-founder of games studio Ghostbutter. “Originally, I studied graphic design and illustration, but had already become passionate about moving images during my studies and so I taught myself how to animate. I love things with a cute, funny but also slightly eerie and weird mood," she says.

“I used to make a lot of print graphics like lithography and woodcuts before I started animating, which led me to my love for black and white. Even now when I work mostly digitally, my process still feels a little analogue. I carve out shapes and put layers and layers of shades and grains on my images until I’m happy with the depth and textures."

04. Leta Sobierajski

Instagram designers: Leta Sobierajski

(Image credit: Leta Sobierajski)

New York-based graphic designer and art director Leta Sobierajski combines photography and art with more traditional design elements to create unique visuals across all kinds of media. Her Instagram feed is eclectic, bizarre and very inspiring. 

05. Velvet Spectrum

Instagram designers: Luke Choice

(Image credit: Luke Choice)

Australia-born, America-based designer Luke Choice specialises in stunning 3D work, typography and animation. Follow him this Instagram designer to stay up-to-date with his latest client work for the likes of Nike, not to mention his incredible personal work. 

06. Seb Lester 

If there's such a thing as the Godfather of Instagram design, Seb Lester is surely it. The British artist and designer stole the show with his hypnotic short videos showing him reinterpret the world's most famous logos – Nike, The Gap, Star Wars, The New York Times and more – using calligraphy. He aims to reward his one million-plus Instagram followers with a new post every day, so you'll always find something new.

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07. Kelli Anderson

Instagram designers: Kelli Anderson

(Image credit: Kelli Anderson)

You’ll get a whole lot more than just graphic design inspiration by following Kelli Anderson on Instagram. From interactive paper to layered websites, the artist, designer and tinkerer experiments across all manner of media.

08. Steve Harrington

Instagram designers: Steven Harrington

(Image credit: Steven Harrington)

Los Angeles–based artist and designer Steven Harrington is best known for his psychedelic-pop aesthetic. His work has a timeless quality, and his multimedia approach makes for an exciting Instagram design feed. 

09. Hey Studio 

Instagram designers: Hey Studio

(Image credit: Hey Studio)

Hey Studio isn't one of Spain's most exciting practising graphic design studios for no reason. Ricardo Jorge, Veronica Fuerte and Mikel Romero have a cult following – and the studio's Instagram account shows why. Stunning geometric shapes from their latest works juxtapose snaps of the team in action: it's a great way to keep up with the action.

10. Jon Contino 

Instagram designers: Jon Contino

(Image credit: Jon Contino)

Well-known artist and designer Jon Contino uses his Instagram account to showcase his work, which is often done in collaboration with other NY brands. Whether you're interested in illustration, branding or product design, this is a great Instagram design account to take inspiration from.

11. Stefan Sagmeister 

Instagram design: Stefan Sagmeister

(Image credit: Stefan Sagmeister)

Stefan Sagmeister is a hugely influential graphic designer. At the moment, he's using his feed to provide (solicited) feedback and critique on other designers' work. This Instagram design feed is well worth a look – you'll likely find some more creatives to follow in the process, too.

12. Anthony Burrill 

Instagram designers: Anthony Burrill

(Image credit: Anthony Burrill)

The work of well-known graphic artist, print-maker and designer Anthony Burrill is exhibited in museums around the world, but if want to understand what inspires the man behind the art, give his Instagram account a follow.

13. Hashmukh Kerai 

Instagram design: Hashmukh Kerai

(Image credit: Hashmukh Kerai)

Hashmukh Kerai is a motion designer and 3D artist from east London. He started his career in film and VFX before finding his groove in design. 

“My inspiration comes from anything and anywhere, but the most important thing is colour," he says. "Most design nowadays can be dark and simple, but injecting colour into my work makes it a lot more fun and welcoming. I like to push the boundaries of my 3D work so you can look at it and think, ‘That could be real.’ But it’s also a bit surreal, enabling me to create some whacky compositions using simple shapes."

14. Kate Moross 

Instagram designers: Kate Moross

(Image credit: Kate Moross)

For a hit of colour when creativity levels are dipping, try Kate Moross. The director of Studio Moross is well-known for their bubblegum pop aesthetic and love of Japan. Give this account a follow for a guaranteed injection of colour in your feed.

15. Alex Trochut 

Instagram designers: Alex Trochut

(Image credit: Alex Trochut)

Barcelona-born, Brooklyn-based artist, graphic designer, illustrator and typographer Alex Trochut has won a devoted fanbase thanks to his unique brand of illustrated typography and geometric flair. He posts work updates and insights into his "permanent workaholidays" on Instagram – and nearly 80k followers love it.

16. Ryan Bosse 

Instagram design: Ryan Bosse

(Image credit: Ryan Bosse)

Designer for San Francisco-based agency Stout by day and freelance designer by night, Ryan Bosse is passionate about creating uniquely constructed brand identities, thought-provoking packaging and powerful print materials. He posts a mix of photos to his Instagram account. From snaps of Golden Gate Bridge to his chicken waffle breakfast, we love the variety of pictures he shares with his followers.

19. Dan Mather 

Instagram design: Dan Mather

(Image credit: Dan Mather)

Screenprinter and graphic designer Dan Mather captures some brilliant colour shots on his Instagram account. Give him a follow for some seriously gorgeous print design work.

20. Riley Cran 

Instagram design: Riley Cran

(Image credit: Riley Cran)

Passionate about typography and packaging design? Then make sure you follow US designer Riley Cran. Specialising in type design, packaging and illustration, Cran snaps his creative finds to an Instagram account that oozes cool.

21. Erik Marinovich 

Instagram design: Erik Marinovich

(Image credit: Erik Marinovich)

If you're a typography fan, then you're sure you're going to love Erik Marinovich's account. A letterist and designer based in San Francisco, Marinovich has worked for a roster of big name clients including New York Times, Wired and Nike. This talented lettering artist and designer is a co-founder of Friends of Type.

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