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Jean Paul Gaultier poster is a visual treat

We're always on the hunt for innovative and unique poster designs here at Creative Bloq. So we could barely contain our excitement when we came across this brilliant piece by student Amanda Berglund.

Created for a Jean Paul Gaultier exhibition, Berglund cleverly incorporated vernissage [exhibition preview] cards into the design, which once removed created a brand new image.

Unique part

"Every time someone pulls off a card, a new image, more true to Gaultier’s aesthetics, will start to appear," Berglund explains. "And just like every collection by Jean Paul Gaultier has been unique, every vernissage card will be unique part of the poster."

We're a little in love with this creative and clever concept. The gorgeous and engaging design is not only resourceful but showcases the fashion designer's unique personality brilliantly.

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