7 typographical science poster designs

Kapil Bhagat created these poster designs for India's Science Day

There's something about science and minimalism that go hand-in-hand, isn't there? The painstakingly pared-down art of minimalism and equally fastidious and systematic scientific method are arguably as close as the disparate disciplines get.

One person who agrees is Indian graphic designer Kapil Bhagat, who created the posters you see here. The simple, educational and entertaining images utilise a famous scientist's name and cleverly reduce their ground-breaking discovery or invention to a typographical treatment.

Bhagat, who worked in advertising before moving to freelance graphic design, created the images for India's recent National Science Day. How many discoveries do you recognise in the posters?

Archimedes science poster

Copernicus science poster

Darwin science poster

Galileo science poster

Pythagoras science poster

Tesla science poster

You can see the rest of the poster designs on Bhagat's blog.

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