Inventive poster campaign brings veterans into view

Image © Taylor James

Following the First World War, the poppy became a symbol of the war dead in Britain and Commonwealth countries - because the bright red flower was one of the only plants to grow on some of the worst battlefields. The Royal British Legion adopted it in 1921 to help raise funds for war veterans, and the tradition of wearing one on the 11th November (the anniversary of the end of the war) began.

The buying and wearing of poppies remains central to British life and culture, but this year, The Legion felt the campaign needed an extra push. So it joined forces with creative production studio Taylor James to create the 2012 Poppy Appeal advertising campaign.

Simple message

A CGI & photography-integrated production, Taylor James created three print ads to feature in underground and railway stations around London to raise awareness for Remembrance Day. Each uses a simple image and messages to reinforce the message that everyone in UK society should be wearing a poppy.

The Poppy Appeal campaign features three print ads with a cut-out poppy revealing, in this case, mechanics of the London tube. Image © Taylor James

Each ad features a cut-out poppy revealing several different backdrops from around the capital; mechanics of the tube and the inside of a billboard plaque on a suit lapel, with the tagline 'Something Missing?'

For full details on the Poppy Appeal campaign, visit the Taylor James website.

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