10 designs that reinvent the business card

Once upon a time business cards were nothing more than a dull piece of white card with some contact details printed on them in Times New Roman, using one of only a handful of uninspiring business card templates. The concept has evolved a lot since then though, with everything from tactile letterpress business cards to wild 3d-printed business cards, and people are now realising the incredible branding potential the right design can offer.

If you call yourself a creative, then why not think outside the box with your calling card? There's no rule, for example, to say that it actually needs to be made out of card...

Here we pick 10 examples that take the concept to new and imaginative places. Let us know your favourites in the comments below!

01. Lego Figure

creative business cards

Who wouldn't want one of these cute characters popping through their letterbox?

Charlotte Simonsen, along with various other Lego employees, is lucky enough to be able to hand out mini Lego versions of herself to any prospective clients. Not only is this incredibly memorable, but it also provides customers with an example of the products on offer. Plus, nobody in their right mind is going to every throw a Lego figure away! We love this idea.

02. Wheel Spanner

creative business cards

Rethink Canada put a spanner in the works with these stainless steel cards

Advertising agency Rethink Canada is behind this spectacular business card idea for Broke Bike Alley, a bike maintenance shop in Canada. Companies always want their customers to hold onto their business cards for as long as possible, and Rethink Canada has found the perfect way to achieve this: by making it practical. This handy stainless steel business card will certainly be a favourite amongst bike lovers.

03. Yoga Instructor

creative business cards

This rubbery card makes it point clearly and powerfully

As mentioned earlier, business cards can say a lot about a brand and the product or service they offer. This stretchy rubber business card immediately proves the flexibility results customers will gain from Daniella Abisaab's yoga classes.

04. Balloon

creative business cards

An inspiring concept to promote the Asthma Allergy Centre

Another rubber business card example, but this one is in a much different form. Dr Niphadkar, founder of the Asthma Allergy Centre, uses a balloon very smartly in this inspiring concept.

Her contact details are only visible once the balloon has been blown into, so it encourages large and healthy breaths – perfect for the service on offer. We also believe the balloon replicates healthy lungs in this instance! It really goes to show just how far business cards have come, and how memorable they can be.

05. Camera Lens

creative business cards

You don't have to read this card to know what Nathan Jones does for a living

A regular and boring business card won’t particularly portray a photographer’s talents very well, and Nathan Jones is unquestionably aware of this. Nathan’s card makes his business visibly obvious, and its uniqueness is anything but forgetful. We love the clarity of the image used here, and the vibrant colours printed onto the reverse side of the card.

06. Cheese Grater

creative business cards

Another grate example of a creative business card concept

Similarly to the bike repair shop’s business card above, Bon Vivant, a Brazilian specialist cheese shop, gives away business cards that can be used by the recipient for a very long time to come. Using a sustainable stainless steel, creative agency JWT Brazil has designed an amazingly handy cheese grater, which comes in a protective sleeve.

07. Divorce Lawyer

creative business cards

A lawyer with a sense of humour - who'd have thought it?

It's certainly not the happiest of occasions, but you can’t help but smile a little at the fantastic creativity on display with this business card. Divorce lawyer James Mahone prints his details onto both sides of this gorgeous natural coloured tearable card, so both partners can take a copy.

08. Picture Frame

creative business cards

Piko puts its client in the frame with this clever design

They say a picture paints a thousand words, and advertising agency Piko have taken put this minimalist approach into action in this stunning example. This cleverly designed business card, for their frames and accessories client, not only showcases one of their stunning products, but allows the customers to keep hold of it and use it in a creative manner in the future.

09. Art Easel

creative business cards

This business card folds into an easel

Easel Business Cards are behind this stunning example. This business gcard can be easily folded into an easel-like standing business card. With business details on the back, companies can display whatever eye-catching image they like on the front.

10. Google Page

creative business cards

This design thinks outside the (search) box

Google is one of the most well-known companies in the world, and Laser Printing Inc has taken superb advantage of this recognition, by creating this business card that perfectly replicates a Google results page.

Words: Matt Payne

Matt Payne is CEO of Oomph, the plastic card printing company. Visit them at: http://www.madebyoomph.co.uk/

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