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Could this new notepad make you ditch your Moleskine?

We all know you love your Moleskine notepads. Their quality, portability and variety means they continue to be the number one choice within the design community. But what if... there was a new kind of notepad that could make you forget all about them?

Introducing Baron Fig - a new kind of notepad that's been designed with an 
underlying philosophy of simplicity, usefulness and community. "We were dissatisfied with a lot of the books on the marketplace," Baron Fig's Adam Kornfield explains. "Sometimes all the effort went into beautiful design but utility was forgotten."

"In other cases notebooks had much better functionality, but skimped on the aesthetics. We wanted something that easy on the eyes and even easier to use."

What's different

So what's different about Baron Fig? For a start, it opens flat - "There’s nothing worse than a book that curves so harshly in the centre that 10% of the page is unusable," he argues. There's three books available, eadh with a different type of paper - Blank, Ruled, or Dot Grid, so whether you want to write, draw or create a diagram, there's a notepad that will suit you.

The notebooks are made from high quality, acid-free fine grain paper, allowing you to archive your books safe from fear of degradation. Plus there are 12 perforated pages at the end of every book so you don't have to ruin your binding if you want to sketch on a sheet and then tear it off.

Register your interest

We're understandably intrigued - although we can't give you the final verdict as they're not actually available yet to give them a test run. So we'll just have to wait until the store opens, which is scheduled for "early 2014".

In the meantime, to find out more about this upcoming product, and to register for updates, head to the website.

**UPDATE - the store is now open for business. Order your Baron Fig notepad today!**

baron fig notepad

baron fig notepad

baron fig notepad

baron fig notepad

baron fig notepad

baron fig notepad

For more information, head to the Baron Fig website.

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What do you think of the Baron Fig notepad? Let us know in the comments box below!