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Dutch firm reinvents bike design in flatpack revolution

The Sandwich Bike is unlike any other bike design we've seen. Inspired by Dutch design, flat packing and the art of home assembly, this is a bike original you'll have to build yourself.

In order for the product to work, the guys at Sandwich Bikes had to rethink every aspect of the classic velocipede. Instead of a welded frame, they engineered a 'sandwich' of two weather-coated frames of layered plywood. Bonded together by 'smart cylinders', the frames and components become a rock-solid piece of technology that is both durable and extremely attractive.

As well as the bike itself, the packaging design is also cleverly conceived. The Sandwich bike arrives by post in a small, flat package containing everything you need, including the tools. In total, there are less than 50 parts, so you shouldn't have any of those Ikea wardrobe-woes. Already proving popular with designers and cyclists alike, we think the Sandwich bike is about to take off.

sandwich bike

sandwich bike

sandwich bike

Head to Sandwich Bikes for more information and to order yours now.

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What do you make of Sandwich Bikes? Does the design work? Let us know in the comments box below!