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Designer notebooks to die for!

Yes, we know you all love your Moleskines. But if you ever wanted to combine your notetaking, sketching and illustration with fantasising about what you'd like to do to that nightmare client, these beautiful yet deadly notebooks might just fit the bill.

Designed by Yiweishen and available via Yanko Design, the darkly stylish notebooks draw on the violent imagery of the knife, the gun and the grenade. But their design is apparently inspired by anti-violence: the blurb on the site says they "play on the maxim of the pen being mightier than the sword" and "this symbolic gesture encourages us to convert violence to a tool of peace".

Whatever. We love the designs, and we especially love the cool, Muji-inspired packaging for these cool notebooks. As a peace protest we're not sure how effectively they'll be, but as a must-buy slice of design goodness we reckon they'll be a roaring success.

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