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New 'male' and 'female' designs for Coca-Cola bottles

cola bottle concept

A red outer packaging (centre) along with 'male' (2nd and 4th) and 'female' (1st and 3rd) bottles

Coca-Cola hasn't become one of the world's top brands without a keen attention to design detail, particularly its logo design and clever use of colour in branding. But possibly even more iconic than these is the iconic 'couture' shape of the classic Coke bottle.

So why mess with it? Well, as far as we know Coke isn't - but that's not going to stop other designers coming up with interesting new design concepts for the world's most popular soda brand. And one that's especially caught our eye is the 'male' and 'female' concept created by French industrial designer Clément Boutillon.

Boutillon's designs were inspired by the shape and the differences between Coca-Cola Zero and Coca-Cola Light, he says, and describes them as 'giving femininity back to the Light bottle' and producing a 'Zero bottle with masculine lines'.

It's an intriguing take on an iconic product design, and Boutillon has also created a striking red, conical design concept for packaging that would encase the bottles. Do you think it works?

cola bottle concept

cola bottle concept

cola bottle concept

See more the designs in more detail on Clément Boutillon's website.

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