Lost an AirPod? Here's where you can get another one

Back Market AirPods
(Image credit: Back Market)

Did you know that over 1/4 of wireless earphone wearers have lost one of their earbuds in the last five years? And even more surprisingly, 88% of Brits apparently have no idea that you can buy singular AirPods. That's according to secondhand tech marketplace, Back Market, which has brought back selling single AirPods. 

Now I know what you're thinking. Who is going to want to purchase a used earbud? Even the best AirPods Pro prices in new condition can be super expensive, so if you're after just a solo bud it's a no-brainer to shop secondhand (and yes, the used earbuds or AirPods always get thoroughly cleaned - I used to work in a secondhand tech store so take my word for it).

Beth Nicholls
Ecommerce Writer

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