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9 great examples of customized typefaces

A unique typeface, which is designed to the specific needs of the project, can give a website, corporate identity or packaging that special look and feel. We asked Mark van Wageningen of Type Foundry Novo Typo to talk us through nine real-world cases of unique typefaces they created for clients...

01. Caren


Caren was specially created for Dutch Women Organization VvNU

Caren is designed by Novo Typo in 2012 for the Dutch Women
Organization VvNU. "The typeface is the most important part of the
corporate identity," says van Wageningen. "Each of the 45,000+ members of VvNU can download the typeface and use it to create their own posters or invitations."

Caren 2

Members of the organisation can download the typeface to use in creating stationery, posters and more

02. Christmas


The Christmas typeface was designed for Korean department store Shinsegae

This set of photographic characters was designed for Shinsegae, South Korea's number one department store. "In 2012, Novo Typo was asked to design this typeface for the Christmas campaign," says van Wageningen. "It was used in all Shinsegae department stores in South Korea, with the in-house design team of Shinsegae creating all the final artwork."

Christmas 2

The store's in-house design team used the typeface to create the final artwork

03. Rashmir


The font was designed for hand-crafted stationery company Rashmir

This typeface was created for Rashmir, an Indian/Dutch company
which produces hand-crafted notebooks and paper stationary in a
ecological friendly and fair-trade way. "The brief was to create a
Latin alphabet that illustrates the Indian roots of the company," explains van Wageningen.

Rashmir 2

Rashmir wanted a design that reflected its Indian roots

04. Pure - Lily - Fall

Pure Lily Fall

These original floral characters were designed for an eco-friendly printing company

These original characters were designed for an eco-friendly printing company in The Netherlands. "This company wanted to show, in a beautiful and stylish way, how much they care about nature and the
environment," explains van Wageningen. "Novo Typo created three floral typefaces which were printed on large posters and send to clients and relations of the printing company."

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