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This festive font will get you ready for Christmas

Chameleon Christmas font

Pine needles, biscuits and holly make up this handcrafted card

With Christmas only just around the corner, there's no better time to enjoy this wonderful typography from Bristol-based design agency Green Chameleon.

We've already seen how tasty typography can whet your appetite, so hopefully these festive words made from pine needles, holiday treats and sprigs of holly will get you in the mood for the big day.

Green Chameleon turned this image into a printed Christmas card for their clients, friends and family. Taking three hours to complete before being photographed, this card also includes a custom lettering design.

Watch the card getting made in the video below to get yourself ready for a very merry Christmas!

Finished card

The card aims to get people away from their computer screens

Making of the card

Crushed shortbread biscuits form part of the font

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Dom Carter
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