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A hand lettering experience with Bob Dylan's blues

Leandro Senna is an art director and graphic designer with a passion for getting back to basics. As soon as we read this short bio on his website, we instantly fell in love with his work:

"Since I was a child I loved to draw. And when I grew up, just decided to keep on playing. My work turned out to be something pleasant on my everyday life."

Inspired by Bob Dylan

Leandro wanted to get away from the computer and go back to a more traditional method of creativity. Inspired by Bob Dylan's Subterranean Homesick Blues video - where he flips cards with the lyrics as the song plays - he decided to recreate those cards with handmade type.

There are 66 cards done in one month during Leandro's spare time using only pencil, black tint pens and brushes. The challenge was not to use the computer, no retouching was allowed. Getting a letter wrong meant starting the page over.

You can see the Leandro's process as well as all the card over on his official blog.

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