Fonts with fur: the typography animals of Dan Fleming

Upon first glance, you may think these cute animal illustrations are crafted from psychedelic shapes. However, look a little closer and you'll see that they are in fact moulded using their own names, using a clever typography technique. Meet the Word Animals...

The animal's name is spelled out to create their structure

The series was created by British/Australian graphic designer Dan Fleming, who specialises in brand identity and logo design. Having only worked in the industry for four years, we must say we're mighty impressed with his work.

A cute creation for a typographic owl

The identity of the Word Animals is comprised of a hand written mark and a broad colour palette that matches the visual style of the designs. The 'Crocodile' Word Animal will feature in Dan Fleming's inaugural logopond book. You can see the rest of the Word Animals on the site devoted to the project.

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