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Kinetic typography shines in new Coldplay video

Kinetic typography is used in all sorts of creative outlets. Providing a beautiful and inspiring way to showcase stellar fonts, the animation technique brings words to life. One such inspiring example comes from this new video for Coldplay's latest single 'Atlas'.

Set to feature on the Hunger Games: Catching Fire soundtrack, the lyric video was created by New York-based agency Blind Pig - sister company to Absolute Post - in collaboration with creative agency Hugo & Marie. The team effort has executed one of the best uses of kinetic typography we've come across in a while.

Directed by Mario Hugo, the illustrations are largely based around the celestial sky map and myth by Micah Lidberg. Animation creative directors Ric Comline and Jonny Bursnell ensured that the video would be a seamless animation sequence, with both agencies providing gorgeous inspiration.

See more work from Blind Pig over on their website.

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