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This tool can identify printed fonts in seconds


Identify real-life fonts with the help of Spector

One of the chores in the life of a designer is identifying a font. With so many subtle variations – including handwriting fonts and cursive fonts – it's no easy feat. However with the help of Spector, recognising fonts could be set to become a whole lot easier.

A prototype student-made device, Spector appears too good to be true. Capable of snapping a photo of text and cross-referencing the font's shape, weight and kerning with information on a typography database, Spector acts like a real-life eyedropper tool. But for words.

Although it's still in its early stages, Spector can identify several different font families and ever detect CMYK/RGB colours. At the moment it is not for sale, but if Spector ever becomes capable of identifying any font and colour, it's bound to become a must-have tool for typographers and graphic designers.

Source: The Next Web